About Magna

Magna Capital is an Istanbul-based, independent portfolio management company with Magna Capital Hedge Fund being its flagship investment vehicle. Magna Capital is established back in 2003 and has had been operated under different owners before it was acquired by Murat Zorlu and Nafiz Kerim Kotan in May 2014. In 2014, Magna Capital was ranked as the No.1 licensed asset management company in Turkey amongst 40+ companies in terms of AuM growth (742%).

While the administration (i.e.account opening, custody, safekeeping) is carried out by Is Bankasi (, the fund is managed by Magna Capital.

Our Management Team's investment track record demonstrates our superior historical portfolio performance when compared to any relevant benchmarks in the Turkish investment alternatives universe (which is available upon request). Our Management Team has sophisticated investment management backgrounds, are highly educated and pride themselves on delivering best-in-class client service. Magna has deep industry relationships that facilitate our ability to source compelling investment cases across a myriad of opportunities. Our strategies and processes are driven by a focus on rigorous analysis and scrutiny; a characteristic which we believe sets us apart from our competitors. The acumen of our team, combined with sophisticated tools and techniques, allows Magna to analyze investments at a level beyond that of the typical fund manager/advisor.


As the markets have become increasingly challenged and volatile due to improved  information flow and accessibility, dynamic  geopolitical events, unpredictable monetary policies, increasing leverage and high frequency algorithmic trading, achieving high returns has been increasingly difficult.

Turkey, being among one of the fastest growing emerging markets albeit a relatively volatile political environment, provides fund managers with ample amount of opportunities for alpha creation.


Magna Capital’s objective is to achieve continuous long-term gross portfolio returns through Event Driven strategies such as Mergers & Acquisitions and Special Situations. With a broader focus, Magna Capital’s event-driven approach is inherently combined with a strong emphasis on value investing principles. This strategy merges opportunism and value investing with specific, idiosyncratic corporate events, providing more balanced and consistent risk-adjusted returns and hence providing a good long-term approach to portfolio management and alpha generation. 


Please see ''Investment Philosophy'' section for further detailed information.